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  • Tough day? Lie down and place WheeMe 2020 on your back or stomach for unassisted stress relief and relaxation. With its unique tilt sensor technology, WheeMe 2020 slowly rolls along without falling off or losing its grip, gently stroking and caressing with its nylon fingerettes. Simply choose from 3 settings, for anything from soothing vibration to a delightful light tickle. Then let WheeMe do the pampering while you relax or watch TV!

  • World's First Robotic Body Massager gently massages and caresses as it rolls over your body and relaxes your tired muscles.

  • 3 settings for vibration massage, gentle pressure massage or light tickling massage .

  • Navigates gently and safely on a human body without falling off if the angle is less than 45 degrees

  • Attachable "fingerette tip" gently spins and skims over tired muscles and improves blood circulation as well even as it stimulates the nerves.

  • Works best on your body's large horizontal areas i.e. lie down and put it on your back or stomach.

  • Very Effective for lower back pains.

  • Works completely autonomously and wheels stop if you pick it up and turn it over.

  • 5"l x 3.8"w x 3.1"h–weighs just 0.73 lb

  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Can be used by all age groups except kids below of age five

Wheeme 2020

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